Caffè Ammi Roasting Co. – where tradition and passion blend in a remarkable coffee experience.

We source the finest coffees from producers all over the world and craft them in small batches on state-of-the-art roasting equipment. Our balance of art and science ensure great tasting coffee.

Visit the roastery & tasting room for an exceptional coffee experience.

109 Sixth Street
Pelham, NY 10803

Our Current Offering


2250 Blend
Medium Roast
dark chocolate, toast

109 Blend
Medium Roast
cacao nibs, nutty

South Central
City Roast
brown sugar, rounded
*also available in a dark roast

The French
French Roast
deep, rich flavor

Single Origin

Honduras Org. - Nueva Esperanza
Medium Roast
honey & chocolate

Colombia Supremo
Medium Roast
dark chocolate, full bodied

Mandheling Gr. 1
Dark Roast
cedar, earthy

Uganda Org. - Bugisu RFA UTZ
Full City Roast
molasses, cherry


Brazil Mogiana SWP
City Roast
toasted almonds, chocolate

Please inquire about our full foodservice line of coffees & flavored coffees available in whole bean & fractional packs.