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Espresso can be defined as the perfect result of a formula that is as thorough as it is simple: the Rule of the
4M”, which expresses the importance of the four elements that come into play in when preparing espresso:
the coffee blend (Miacela), the grinder/dispenser (Macinadosatore), the La Cimbali espresso machine
(Macchina) and last but not least, the operator’s touch (Mano).
Each of these elements counts for 25% of the entire preparation sequence at the café. Taking daily care of
the grinder/dispenser and looking after the La Cimbali espresso machine significantly affects the quality of the
brew and thus customer satisfaction. The required operations are quite simple and demonstrate how the
quest for quality is above all a matter of constant care and attention. A small daily effort by the operator is
often an important guarantee of quality in the cup for the customer.
Grinder Maintenance
1. Operations when starting service
3. Operations at the end of service
4. Weekly operations
  Machine Maintenance
1. Operations when starting service
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