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FABBRI GRANITINA is a ready-to-use powder preparation for making neutral ‘granita’ in just a few moments. Once it is ready, simply take out the required quantity of ‘granita’ from the bell jar to personalise the flavor in the glass.

So, with ONLY 1 PRODUCT,
caterers can have 10, 100, or
1000 advantages!!
Save time and space (you only need 1 SLUSH-MAKING     MACHINE, with one bell jar).
Save energy, with consequently less heat inside the    restaurant, more comfort for customers, as well as    operators.
More variety of flavors.
More quality for the consumer.
FABBRI GRANITINA AND MIXYBAR: the winning combination for offering delicious ‘granitas’ in a thousand different ways. It just takes a moment to meet the requirements of your customers, even the most demanding. Simply add 20-30ml Fabbri Mixybar in the required flavor to a glass of neutral ‘granita ’
(approximately 200ml).
Add 10 litres of water to 1 box (1.5kg) of Fabbri Granitina and start the slush-making machine. To make a more compact, less liquid ‘granita’, we recommend the following dose: 100-200g Fabbri Granitina per litre of water.
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