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In Portomaggiore, a small town in the province of Ferrara, Gennaro Fabbri, class of 1860, takes control of an old drug store with tunning facilities, transforming it into “Premiata Distilleria Liquori G. Fabbri”. At the back of the store he starts to produce liqueurs and cordials.
Slowly but surely the tuns started to produce the first syrups, among which were to be found the classical flavors of “MENTA”, “GRANITA” and “AMERANA CON FRUTTO”; these were sold by Fabbri in demijohns, with which he gave a courtesy ceramic jar created by the famous designer of Bologn Minghetti. After several attempts, the
vases would finally acquire the actual shape and colors they have today thanks to the renown ceramist Gatti of Faenza who inspired his work on ancient blue and white Chinese paintings.
Towards the end of the 40’s, in a period of economical recovery, G. Fabbri presents a new series of products: the BASES FOR ARTISAN ICE CREAM. Once again his innovative good intuition was to prove successful: right up until that moment the artisan ice cream maker had been forced to rely on his own inventiveness and traditional ice cream recipes, now he needed new techniques that would assure him a guarantee of quality and maximum hygiene. Fabbri’s semi-processed products offer these guarantees and, furthermore stimulate creativity.
The CREMOLATISSIMI product also came out around this period. A complete product for preparing an excellent artisan ice cream and, put together with AMARENA FABBRI declare the success of the company in the artisan market.
From that moment on, the company has been researching constantly for a product that is without a doubt “in the same league as ice cream and cake makers” by putting ingredients on the market that assure both excellent taste, freshness and constant quality in time.
Almost a hundred years have gone by since then and Fabbri 1905 is managed today by the fourth generation of the family who are busy carrying on in a successful and coherent way the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder.
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