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  Amarena Fabbri
Out of the Italian tradition comes the Fabbri specialty, known and appreciated worldwide.
A unique type of fruit, a tradition, a symbol: Amarena Fabbri
is an Italian specialty appreciated throughout the world.
Amarena Fabbri has become the product symbolizing the Company, rewarding a crowning success, thriving for almost an entire century.
These are whole wild cherries of very select quality that have been candied in wild cherry syrup. The top-quality procedure that now bears a date of origin of almost one hundred years creates a unique and matchless flavor.
Fabbri Wild Cherries are well suited to satisfying the
utmost of culinary creativity: Whether used as a
topping for ice cream, to add that extra touch to
cakes or tarts and to enjoy the very best flavor in
fruit cocktails, yogurt, iced fruit drinks, Italian ices
and shakes.
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