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  Since 1912 Cimbali has set the bar in the espresso industry.
In 2004 the new M-2 has raised the bar again.
  True Italian Espresso from Italy's leading manufacturer.
The M-2 is loaded with features that no other machine offers through precision technology developed by Cimbali engineers. The most sophisticated espresso coffee brewer and treats coffee like no other machine since the invention of espresso.
One Step or Two step models to choose from.
Patented "TurboSteam" technology which allows for the real preparation of both froth and steam via our temperature controlled steam wand.
Patented "Smart Boiler" technology controlling the water temperature through the C.P.U.
Dual precision grinders with Titanium Burrs assuring the most precise grind characteristic of both Regular and Decafe espresso beans.
Production of over 300 drinks per hour.
Direct brew of 20 ounce cappuccinos and lattes.
Programmable Pre-Infusion for perfect extraction.
Over 12 Gallons of Milk Steamed per hour.
180 Cups of Hot Water per hour featuring a water faucet with the patented Cimbali economizer.
8 Fully programmable beverage selections to be designated by the customer.
Easy to clean dual coffee hoppers allowing for the direct view of fresh coffee beans by your clients.
Modular brewing group which can be fully overhauled on-site....an industry first!
Automatically controlled programmable cleaning selections up to 5 times daily.
Hot Water Bypass for perfect long shots and Americanos without over extraction.
True Triple Shot Extraction.
  The M-2 is unlike any other super-automatic.
It combines industry leading technology, the highest beverage production on the market with the most comprehensive local and national service network in North America.
  Choose Cimbali for the tradition  
  Choose Cimbali for the reputation
  Choose Cimbali for the proven reliability
  Choose Cimbali because over 30% of the global market does
  Choose Cimbali for the quality
  Choose Cimbali for the Espresso  
  For installation please provide the following within 3 feet of the Cimbali M-2:  
220 volt, 30 amp, single phase electric connection
(1)6-30 P/R Leviton plug male and female
3/8 inch cold water line with on/off valve.
1 inch gravity drain below the counter.
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