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Welcome to the Ammirati Imports Web site, where you will find information about all of the products we
carry! From our renowned Italian espresso machines for restaurants, cafes, home or office to our premium
espresso and coffee beans, flavored syrups, teas, cups ... we supply all the products a cafe or restaurant –
or home! – needs for gourmet coffee service.
Our Web site also features an online newsletter, which includes profiles of our foodservice customers –
representing some of the most successful cafes and restaurants in the world -- spotlights on new products,
brewing tips, opinions and more. Be sure to check here often for new stories about our business, our
products, and the world of coffee.
Please contact us with any questions about our products or our site. You may reach us at
Thank you for perusing our site. Enjoy!
  For nearly half his life, Dominic Ammirati Jr. has been fixing
espresso machines. As one of the grandsons of the founder of
Ammirati Inc., he cut his teeth repairing the hydraulic systems
popular more than a decade ago. Today, he runs the Ammirati
service department, a group of seven technicians trained to
understand the intricacies of the high-tech computer-based
electronic components that make espresso machines work
The key to successful service boils down to being there
  forthe customer, said Dominic. “We get there on time. We get
there fast.These are the most important things to our
customers.If the machines are working, customers are selling
coffee. This is important to us, too.”
Ammirati Coffee accomplishes service speed by combining
quantity and quality. “Our service department is better than
most others in the industry because we have enough guys to
knock out the city,” explained Dominic. “We can be in Long I
sland,Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, all at the same time.
“Plus our guys are good. We have top-of-the-line techs,”
he continued. “And highly trained technicians mean our
customers get the best service.”
Training for Ammirati technicians begins with a two-week
boot camp in the office, where the machines are explained,
techs take actual machines apart and put them back
together, and common service calls are practiced.
With the basics mastered, new technicians ride out on
actual service calls with those more experienced for at least
six months. Many even travel to the Cimbali factory in Italy for
additional training.
Service calls at Ammirati most commonly involve equipment
installations, as well as troubleshooting problems with milk
frothers and coffee clogs most commonly caused by people
failing to properly maintain their machines by appropriate
cleaning,said Dominic.
For Dominic, the best part of running the service department
is being able to spend more time with his family members
who are also involved in the business. “I can take a break with
my cousin, my brothers or my father,” he said with a smile.
“It’s like being at home.”
Must be, for someone who grew up in the business.
  When I get my dessert menu in a restaurant at the end of a
meal, I am often relieved to see the inclusion of the name of
the coffee and tea being served.
Most restaurateurs would never offer simply “Red” or “White”
wine. They know that customers who care about wine would
never order a bottle without knowing at least the vintage, the
type of grape, the grower.
It’s the same for customers who care about coffee and tea:
They want to know something about what they are ordering
to top off a fabulous meal. Adding the brand name of the
coffee and tea you serve to the menu can encourage orders
from savvy customers, who likely have favorites.
Likewise, when I’m looking for a quick cup of coffee from a
café, brand advertising in windows and on menu boards
makes it easy for me to know whether I want to order or
move on.
As a restaurant or café owner, you cared enough to search
.out and sample products to find the ones that best suited
your establishment. Don’t be afraid to let your customers
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